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Stratasys provides on-going support to our valuable customers worldwide

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Stratasys Service Offering provides:

• On-site technical service
• Spare parts
• Priority service scheduling
• Discounted user training
• Discount on print heads

Customers Win

• Priority service and quick response times
• Fast delivery of replacement parts
• On-sites service when needed
• Scheduled preventative maintenance minimizes downtime
• Scheduled software and hardware updates, giving you access to the most recent developments
• Expert application and technical training providing continuous
• Protection from spare parts price increases
• Predictable maintenance expenditures to make budgeting easier


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St. Paul, MN 55117

About AdvancedTek

AdvancedTek is a Stratasys Platinum Level partner with more than 20 years of industry experience working with Upper Midwest businesses to accelerate design and manufacturing processes by adopting Stratasys 3D printing technology. Learn More

Support Center

Success with 3D printing requires more than just buying the printer and turning it on. Preventive maintenance, consumables replenishment and occasional disruptions all combine to impact your operating cost, uptime and productivity. Instead of managing all this on your own, put the knowledge of Stratasys Services and Support on your team to make the most of your 3D printing operations. Contact Support
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